Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I do Pilates?

A: Pilates exercises can be practiced every day, but we usually recommend two to three times a week. Pilates is very low impact and different from many other types of exercise.

Q: What if I have an injury?

A: Pilates has become so popular because it is safe to practice with almost any injury or limitation. Once clients have been cleared by their physician/physical therapist, we use Pilates to correct any muscle imbalances that may have caused the injury by strengthening weak muscles and stretching tight muscles around an injured joint. We have helped clients with knee and hip replacements; back, shoulder, wrist and foot surgery; stroke; MS; scoliosis; herniated discs; compression fractures; osteoporosis/osteopenia; cancer treatments (we are certified post-rehabilitative breast cancer exercise specialists).

Q: How long are our classes/sessions at Alexandria Pilates?

A: We offer 55 minute sessions.

Q: Can you do Pilates when you are pregnant?

A: Yes. When performed safely and correctly, Pilates exercises are ideal for pregnant women. Pilates strengthens the body’s pelvic floor muscles, aids in proper body alignment, and strengthens the deepest abdominal muscles. These deep abdominal muscles can be accessed during the pushing stage of labor and can ease childbirth.

Q: Can Pilates help me lose weight?

A: Pilates exercise is not a cardiovascular workout and burning calories is not the main focus. However, in conjunction with a sensible diet and some cardio work, Pilates can factor into a weight loss program. Pilates exercises help strengthen, sculpt and tone the body while building long, lean muscles.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Dress comfortably so your movement is free but try not to wear clothing too loose fitting. It is important that the instructor be able to observe your body as you move.